Live From The Fox Oakland - CD/Blu-ray Set

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Live From the Fox Oakland captures the band firing on all cylinders at their Sept 9, 2016 show that fans and band members regard as one of their finest performances to date. The band’s commitment to making the best sounding live recording possible is evident throughout. Film also features extensive behind the scenes footage of the band on the road, as well as interviews with Marc Maron and David Fricke.

Track list

1. Don't Know What It Means

2. Keep On Growing

3. Bird On The Wire

4. Within You, Without You

5. Just As Strange

6. Crying Over You

7. Color Of The Blues **Film only

8. These Walls (featuring Alam Khan)

9. Anyhow

10. Right On Time **CD only

11. Leavin' Trunk

12. Don't Drift Away

13. I Want More (Soul Sacrifice outro)

14. I Pity The Fool

15. Ali ** CD only

16. Let Me Get By

17. You Ain’t Going Nowhere **film only